Making A Site So That It Works On All Devices


One of the most important aspects of a webpage is how quickly it loads, and how easy it is to use a variety of devices. This is because visitors will start to leave a website if it takes over a few seconds to loads, and every additional second will result in a larger number of viewers leaving the site for an alternative. A website that does not work on such things as smartphones and tablets will not attract visitors who use those devices, and the same is true for visitors who use small laptops and may not be able to see the entire front page of a site. This is why it is important to know how to design a webpage so it loads quickly, and so that visitors can view it on all devices.

The best way to design a site so it will load quickly is to have it use as little data as possible. This means that the viewer’s computer will have an easier time loading the site, and it means that your servers will not have to transmit as much data. In addition, this will allow you to host your site for far less money per visitor. It is a good idea to only use small images that use very little data. The site’s background should be clean, and one should avoid such things as videos that automatically play. You can then have data intensive features placed on secondary pages that customers can click on if they specifically want to view a videos, play a game, or use a messaging system.

If you want to design a site that has features that use large amounts of data, it is a good idea to have them hosted through third party sites. It is possible to post YouTube videos on a site, which means that all of the hosting power for that video comes from YouTube’s servers. The videos should only play when the viewer clicks on them, and it may be a good idea to design the site so that there is only one or two videos on the homepage.


The second thing you want to do, is to make sure that the website can be viewed on all kinds of computers, tables, and phones. It is possible to purchase software that will automatically convert the site depending on what device the viewer is using. It is possible to design a site that it will simply work well on all devices. This is done by designing the homepage so it is small enough to fit on a phone which is easy to do when you have the best free website builder. The homepage should not contain too much text or pictures, and all the useful links should be located on the top of the site. It is possible to create banners that go on the top and bottom of the viewer’s screens. These banners will contain the links to the rest of the site, and will travel down the screen as the viewer looks at it. This keeps the links in an available spot, and can greatly increase the chances of a visitor exploring the rest of a site.